Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wait, Did Cardi B Just Reveal the Gender of her Baby?

I adore Cardi B with my whole heart. Ever since she made her big break as a Viner (or at least Vine famous person), turned reality star, turned PRINCESS OF RAP, she's certainly climbed the ladder in showbiz and I respect that. Now that she's established, she's engaged to Migos rapper Offset and ready to settle down... at least into Motherhood. Not her growing career! Despite some contraversy about her and Offset's relationship, they are pridefully welcoming a baby together... but that's all we really know. Until... yesterday?

Cardi is notorious for her brutal honesty and savagery on social media. Lately, she's been famous for hint-dropping as well. Baby Bardi was definitely a suprise to all of her fans but she often dropped hints speculating a lot of discussion. She ultimately revealed the rumors were true on Saturday Night Live on April 6th. Now that we know baby is growing and she's 7 months preggers. But, we have so many questions still that NEED ANSWERS!! In a way, she's kind of given us those. In a very subtle way.

So, if you want my prediction based on what she's said, I say that little Baby Bardi is a... drumroll please? GIRL!

That's right! If her hints are accurate, we can expect a second Cardi B on the way! Now, I know you want those receipts for proof. I got you!



In this video, she's thanking fans, J Balvin and Bad Bunny. But if you listen real close, she gets personal! She says, "The outcome is beautiful and I know one day I'm gonna be like, to my baby like, 'YES, Girl! You was inside of me!'" Super adorable and a sweet momento for when she grows up one day. Still not convinced? Okay, how 'bout another!

A bit less forward here, but notice that little emoji? I'm not here to enforce gender roles or anything, but pink bow usually means girl. Speaking of which, Cardi could just be tricking us all to reveal that it's a boy after all. I dunno, I'm just an observer. I'm just way too excited for baby to make its grand debut in a few months! Also the endless momma/kiddo coordinated outfits I'm sure Cardi will be putting together. More updates to follow!

Until then,

Onward and Upward!


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