How to Treat YOURSELF on Valentine's Day

 Happy Valentine's Day, ya lovebirds! I feel like V-Day is easily becoming one of my favorite days of the year. It's a day to appreciate your loved ones and to take today to appreciate YOURSELF! I love that Valentine's Day is now a time for self-love and positivity.This year, I have the night all to myself since I did my festivities in the afternoon! I thought, what can I do for the remainder of the night? I figured I'd slap together some things that would be fun to do to do for/by yourself this Valentine's Day! At least things I'll be doing ;)

  • Splurge on something you've been eyeing for awhile! Maybe a dress?

  • Cut your hair/dye it a festive color. May I recommend lavander, silver or pink

  • Watch 50 First Dates, Forrest Gump, A Walk To Remember, The Wedding Singer, 13 Going On 30, Can't Buy Me Love, and I could go on. Doesn't have to be in that order particularly.

  • Make Gooey Brownies with tons of icing, or my personal fav, Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Marshmallows! Melting Chocolate, a tablespoon of Coconut Oil, Marshmallows, Strawberries and you're good to go!

  • Buy some balloons for yourself at the dollar store fo' yo' self. Not speaking from personal experience or anything.

  • Get some sushi. The specialty rolls. Cause treat. yo. self.

  • Get your nails done, get a massage or both!

  • Hit the beach (or any pretty place) to catch the sunset! Beaches are empty in the winter and have gorgeous sunsets!

  • Learn to make a new fun alchoholic beverage or try a new wine!

  • Do a random act of kindness for someone else! A pay it forward at Starbucks, Write a nice valentine for a neighbor, or simply pay someone a compliment!

  • Buy yourself flowers!

  • Create a time capsule for yourself! Write a letter of all the all the things you love about yourself and in "X" amount of years, open it! Include a bottle of wine along with something you'll cherish years from now! Additionally, put in a photo of you now along with a letter to your future self describing how you hope to be.

  • Read that book you've been meaning to read in a nice bath!

  • Call your Mom, Dad, whoever might appreciate a phone call on V-Day!

  • Make a friends appreciation post!
These are just some ideas I thought are great for V-Day. At the end of the day do what makes YOU happy! I'm a super cheese-ball so they're my idea of a good time. But no matter what, keep your heart filled with love!

Onwards and Upwards,

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