Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wait, Did Cardi B Just Reveal the Gender of her Baby?

I adore Cardi B with my whole heart. Ever since she made her big break as a Viner (or at least Vine famous person), turned reality star, turned PRINCESS OF RAP, she's certainly climbed the ladder in showbiz and I respect that. Now that she's established, she's engaged to Migos rapper Offset and ready to settle down... at least into Motherhood. Not her growing career! Despite some contraversy about her and Offset's relationship, they are pridefully welcoming a baby together... but that's all we really know. Until... yesterday?

Cardi is notorious for her brutal honesty and savagery on social media. Lately, she's been famous for hint-dropping as well. Baby Bardi was definitely a suprise to all of her fans but she often dropped hints speculating a lot of discussion. She ultimately revealed the rumors were true on Saturday Night Live on April 6th. Now that we know baby is growing and she's 7 months preggers. But, we have so many questions still that NEED ANSWERS!! In a way, she's kind of given us those. In a very subtle way.

So, if you want my prediction based on what she's said, I say that little Baby Bardi is a... drumroll please? GIRL!

That's right! If her hints are accurate, we can expect a second Cardi B on the way! Now, I know you want those receipts for proof. I got you!



In this video, she's thanking fans, J Balvin and Bad Bunny. But if you listen real close, she gets personal! She says, "The outcome is beautiful and I know one day I'm gonna be like, to my baby like, 'YES, Girl! You was inside of me!'" Super adorable and a sweet momento for when she grows up one day. Still not convinced? Okay, how 'bout another!

A bit less forward here, but notice that little emoji? I'm not here to enforce gender roles or anything, but pink bow usually means girl. Speaking of which, Cardi could just be tricking us all to reveal that it's a boy after all. I dunno, I'm just an observer. I'm just way too excited for baby to make its grand debut in a few months! Also the endless momma/kiddo coordinated outfits I'm sure Cardi will be putting together. More updates to follow!

Until then,

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Affordable Plus Size Easter Lookbook!

Easter is right around the corner! I think of it as a debut of some of your best LOOKS for Spring so I live for it every year. My family never really does much so it's mostly for myself... and the gram. Being plus size, it's not always easy finding cute stuff for spring and summer, but I found some great looks perfect for Easter and the beginning of Spring! I look for rosy pastels and fun bright colors in the warmer months because that's how I'm feelin'! Without further ado, here are some of my favorite looks that I found!


Source: Charlotte Russe

A PERFECT color for Easter! And there's something whimsical about this dress that made it catch my eye. Usually, I'm not about the frillies on the bottom. But this dress is definitely an exception! I love its youthful feel and fun color. Pair with a Gold/Contrast (a light blue perhaps?) necklace and a classic pair of booties (like ones below in accessories) and you're good to go!

Source: Charlotte Russe

Note: This was definitely up on their site a few days before I got around to writing this, but I think it ran out of stock because I cannot find it for the life of me! However, I managed to find the smaller size of it and they go up to an XL. I will update if they restock.

You know those dresses you take one look at and NEED? Yeahhh, this one's a need for me. I've been obsessed with wrap dresses lately and this one stole my heart with the Navy/Pink contrast. Perfectly paired with a pair of nude sandals/heels and classic studs or earrings.

Source: Charlotte Russe

Two things I don't usually incorporate much into my wardrobe: Stripes & Halter Dresses. This dress pleasantly surprised me! I'm a sucker for sage and pink together, so maybe that's why I'm so fond. This is great as an Easter dress and I'd say it's more than suitable to wear for wedding season!

Source: Charlotte Russe

I love styles that accent a curvy figure nicely! This dress does just that. It cinches at the waist and flows top to bottom. I've been wanting to snatch up every Chiffon dress I can get my hands on lately because it really flows and great for my girly days when I want to dress up.

Source: Torrid

A bit on the pricier side, but I love love LOVE this dress. Sometimes you deserve a little splurge! With a pair of grey suede heels, you'll be rockin' the Easter Egg hunt and everyone asking where you scored such a find.

Source: Old Navy

Just because, what's Spring without a White dress? Easter is our initial welcome into Spring and we should welcome it right back! The delicate floral embroidery on the neckline and shoulders give it a graceful vibe and make this perfect for just about any function. I love that you can dress this look up or down to your liking!

Shoes & Accessories

Source: Forever 21

Great for outdoor festivities if it's warm where you are. The canvas gives it a nice earthy, "ready-for-warm-weather" vibe. Top it off with a spring pedi!

Source: Payless

A great alternative if you're toughing out the cold this Easter. And bonus, you can incorporate these into your everyday wardrobe, too! You can dress these up or down.
Source: H&M

Because what's an Easter outfit without a cute pair of sunnies? A pair of Rose Gold/Pink sunnies at that. I need these in my life ASAP.
Source: H&M

My fascination with watches (and all jewelry for that matter) didn't truly begin until I worked at my local T.J. Maxx a few years back. I would cover occasionally behind the jewelry counter and I didn't realize how much jewelry can change an outfit around! With some core pieces of jewelry, it can bring your outfit to the next level! This watch is the perfect example of a core piece. I condone this investment!
Source: H&M

You need something to hold your Cadbury Eggs and Marshmallow Peeps! Yeah, I said Marshmallow Peeps. Don't be a hater. This bag perfect for walking around and not having to hold it in your hand, like you would a clutch.
Source: H&M

Here's a cute price-alternative bag to consider as well. I love this one, too! The beige compliments the springy colors you'll already be wearing.

Source: Old Navy

Add this to a simple dress to turn it into a statement! Necklaces are definitely something I'm trying to familiarize myself more without looking like a sixth grader after a Claire's haul. (Wow, remember Claire's?) But I do love this one.
Source: Old Navy

Last but certainly not least, what's a look without classic earrings? I need to get my ears re-pierced since I've let them close for the zillionth time. I miss wearing earrings like these!

And that just about does it! I really hope these provided you with some inspiration. Share pics of your Easter outfit with me down in the comments! I truly love seeing what you come up with!

Until next time,

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Badass Quotes Said By Boss Women To Inspire You Today

March 8th is National Women's Day! I've looked up to some pretty great women in my life and have always had great examples of strong women that never told me that my options were limited. I've been blessed with this great support system and just wanted to take a moment to recognize these special people! Especially today, we have so many women to look up to in the media. So, on this Women's day, I'd like to acknowledge them by showing you some of my favorite quotes from some pretty badass woman leaders and entrepreneurs.

Dont Forget to Share & Pin Your Favorite Quotes!












Those were some of my favorite quotes from some badass women! The last one was unknown. Lol. Don't forget to share & pin your favorites!

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Monday, March 5, 2018

How To Plan A Boujee Vacation On A Budget

March. Ahhhhh. Don't you just love that word? I do. When you live in a cold environment, March is the universal term for "We're pretty much through the worst of it." This for many also means an awesome week-long getaway! Spring Break is great, but it can really dry up your bank account and the planning can stress you out. My preferred spring break would be to go to Disney World. or Disneyland. Anything beginning with Disney basically. Perhaps a week-long cruise with spa treatments and an all-you-can-eat buffet with 24/7 pool access? Maybe a trip to Martha's Vineyard or Wine Country? I have expensive taste, okay?! With this expensive travel palette, I've learned how to get creative when it comes to taking trips. I'm here to bestow that knowledge upon y'all.

Pinching Pennies

  • Go to Groupon! Groupon's deals tend to be location sensitive, but you can often search for location-focused activities AND hotels. If you live on the East Coast and nature's your thang, you can find awesome deals on hotels in Vermont, Maine, etc. Activities can go for dirt cheap! Especially if you Google small towns to stay in rather than the more touristy spots. A short drive from the real point of interest can save you tons. Make sure to always read the fine print under these deals though! Some places may only have the deal valid on weekdays or require you to stay for a certain amount of time. All that aside, Groupon can be an awesome way to score a great find. They often do special site-wide sales focusing on travel! Keep an eye out for those to score an even better deal.

  • By going somewhere local, it can save you a lot of hassle, time, and money. No matter where you live, a staycation doesn't require much!

  • is awesome for booking hotels without a discount. Without any discounts from other sources, Ebates is great for saving you a bit of money. They work with sites like Expedia and, which makes already discounted rates cheaper through the cash back you'll be getting! It also comes in handy for Spring Break clothes shopping, as it works for retail stores also! Promise, not an ad. I just really love this website.

  • When researching flights and hotels, always put your browser in incognito mode! Websites like to track how much you visit to look at prices before your trip and depending on how often you visit the site, the higher the prices might go.

  • Check Target! Yes, you're welcome. An excuse to go to Target!! While you're there, check out their gift cards. They might have some related to what you'll be doing for your trip! (E.g., Disney) When you open a Red Card, you can save 5% on every purchase, which includes gift cards! It's a minor way to pinch pennies but a dollar saved is a dollar earned, right?

Pack Like A Pro

  • Roll your clothes! The easiest way to compact room in your suitcase is to roll up your clothes! I have a system for packing that works great every time. If you're packing bulkier items such as coats, jackets, jeans, etc., always put them at the bottom of your suitcase. After, take your thinner T-shirts and squeeze them in between the cracks.

  • Make use of the pockets on the front! I suggest investing in a few vacuum bags to condense thinner materials into one area (think undergarments, socks) to make room for more cosmetics and shower necessities. This will free up more room for bulkier things like sneakers. I always wrap my shoes in a grocery bag to avoid dirtying my clothes. 

  • Leave room for souvenirs! Everyone seems to forget about leaving enough room for what you'll be bringing back; myself included. When looking for souvenirs, try to keep it small. So if you're going to Mexico, no giant sombreros. Think rose gold Minnie ears, a mug, etc. Always keep in mind how you're going to get it home! Mailing is always an option, but it's not always the most price friendly. Plus if it's breakable, there's no guarantee it'll make it back home in one piece.

  • Lists, lists, lists. When you're traveling, especially somewhere far, you're not going to want to forget something important. You might not always remember everything off the top of your head. Sometimes it can be detrimental! Maybe forgetting a medicine or a charger they may not sell in other countries. Also, when coming home it's a great idea to make one to prevent leaving anything behind!

Mind Those Ps & Qs

  • When planning with your friends, collaborate your ideas on a group Google Doc! That way, everyone's plans and ideas are considered while keeping it all in one organized place.

  • Have it all on paper! Technology can be your best friend, but it can also be your demise. Any plane tickets, important proofs of purchases, insurance cards and other things like that should be copied on paper and put in an envelope in a safe place. A phone could go dead in two seconds with no explanation, so it's nice to have that peace of mind while traveling.

I hope these tips help you have the best, best, BEST Spring Break ever while keeping your sanity and some money in your pocket. I would love to know where you're planning to go! Leave me a comment below :-)

Until next time,
Onward & Upward!

Thursday, March 1, 2018


HAPPY MARCH! It's one of my favorite months because it means we're through the winter! It's a time to start fresh and reorganize life. I figured what's a better way to get in that mindset than to talk about a few tips I use to make myself more productive, especially on my off days. On to the tips!

If you're reading this right now, we should be best friends. I'm not even kidding. Most times, I feel like the only person on Earth that feels like I'm not productive and let time get away from me. If you're like that, feel free to shoot me an email. We can chat over cawfee! Anyway, on to what you're really here for, my uber-productive life tips just in time for spring and re-organizing life. Mind you, I'm always thinking of how I can be more of a responsible "adult" SOOOO this is a growing list! This is what I've gathered...

1. Don't Oversleep!

I strongly believe that this is a big reason as to why people who tend to be slightly disorganized (me) have time management issues (ME). Since leaving school, I've realized how important it is to keep a routine. You'll notice this as a general theme throughout this post. Being fresh out of college in your twenties, switching around jobs and changing schedules leaves a lot of time for --errrrr, doing.... nothing. And you'll usually be more compelled to sleep, doing nothing! So to combat this, I will set an alarm every morning to make sure I don't oversleep. Cause let's face it, say you've got a few off-days during the week. Time can drag on and you'll tell yourself you deserve to rest! Then before you know it, the sun is down and you're eating Cheetos in bed. If you absolutely need to get some extra sleep, then don't exhaust yourself! Do what's right for your body! But I always try to limit my sleeping to 8-9 hours.

2. Establish a Mini-Morning Routine

Okay, congratulations! You've woken up at a decent time! Now it's time to get ready. When I had a 9-5 job at an office, I found it was a lot easier to have a routine when I had to be somewhere in the morning. It motivated me to be on time! I always would set my alarm an hour early to give myself the time to be angry about waking up/time to doze off again without making myself late. I'm a night showerer because I'm not a morning person. All I have to do in the morning is get up, brush teeth, get dressed, makeup, and I'm good to go! And if you're anything like me, you take an hour picking out what to wear. My nifty solution to this was a cool little app called Cladwell! (Not an ad I swear. I wish though) But for real, this app has been a lifesaver for me! Y'know that scene in Clueless when Cher gets ready using that awesome computer that picks the outfits out for her? It's pretty much exactly like that! You can let it know your location and it will coordinate based on the weather and your clothes you've already inputted into the system! A lifesaver, especially when you're running late. It's nine bucks a month. If you can spare the money I highly recommend it! Once you do your hair, makeup, and you're all ready and squeaky clean, watch how much better you feel! Promise!
Sidenote: Even on days you're in bed a big portion of the day, don't think you shouldn't feel like there's no point in getting ready. It can help you be productive for the rest of the day!


Did you wince a little reading that? I know I would've. This sounds crazy I know. "Why would I just cut myself off from society like that," you might be asking yourself. I can tell you that this is probably one of the best things on this list you can do for yourself. We find ourselves stuck in a social media rut that it's tough to get out of. I'm guilty of checking my phone first thing in the morning. It can derail my routine by sometimes up to THREE HOURS!! I still do this a lot so it's something I need to work on. But let me tell you, the days I've experimented with this theory have easily been my most productive days.
What I recommend doing is powering off your phone and cutting off any type of internet access for at least an hour. Put some music on and text your important contacts and tell them what you're doing and tell them if they need something to call you from a landline. (Do those still exist?) Sliding your finger across the screen will be the hardest part! After that, you will realize how much more you feel like you'll be able to accomplish without getting distracted! It worked like a charm for me. I couldn't believe how much I got done and how quickly I even forgot my phone was off. Take this time to clean, study, meditate, whatever you feel like you need to do.

4. Take Pride In Your Space

While your phone is off perhaps, try to tackle the mess piling up from the days you have a lot going on and can't find the time. Bring up those dishes from Taco Tuesday last week, vacuum, whatever you have to do. Your space is such an important part of how your brain operates. Don't you feel more organized after you've cleaned? Don't be afraid to decorate seasonally. There are zillions of ways to do it on a budget! Make your space one you're proud of being in! You'll be happier, plus your brain will feel more organized -- thus more productive.

5. Learn Your Highest Brain Power Times

In getting to know yourself, this should be an essential thing. I saw somewhere that people's highest brain power times were between 7 and 9 am. I read this and laughed. I'd like to apologize to the scientist who may have spent ten years of his life on this study, but there is no universal brain time. This is 2018. Everyone has different schedules and times of day where they're most active! My neighbor Gladys next door may be up walking her dog at 4:30am, but that doesn't mean 4:30am is the perfect time for me to take a jog. Heck, some days I'm getting home from work at 4:30 in the morning!
My point is, sit down and analyze your behavior. When do you like to lay around? When do you like to crank out the most work? For me, I usually begin to be my most productive self around 9 at night. After everyone has gone to sleep, I find it much easier to focus 100% on whatever it is I'm doing. I'm writing this at 10:30 at night! Also, identify your low power brain times! Use this to schedule social media or something like that you need to work with. It should be the low function tasks that don't require as much thought. Once you identify these essential times, it'll be easier to navigate your day!

6. Write Everything Down

Invest in a planner and some sticky notes. Once you do, they'll become your best friends! When your schedule begins to get busier, it gets hard to keep track of work schedules, important events and occasions, appointments and so on. When you already have a busy mind, it's really helpful to invest in a yearly planner or a calendar app (I prefer Google Calendar) for those busy times. It's like having a tiny assistant to help you map out your days better! Sticky notes are great for remembering those short-term things like calling someone or remembering to grab your charger before heading out the door! Oh, and checklists. You can never have too many checklists. You also feel awesome once you check everything off.

Last but not least...

7. Eat A Balanced Meal

Do I sound like a Mom yet? But no seriously, this is super helpful. There have been too many days where I went the whole day only eating a donut and a can of Coke. I should totally start a health & fitness blog, right? But just like the old saying goes, you are what you eat. Try to eat at least one serving of a fresh vegetable a day. You'll feel more active and less groggy!

And that about does it! Those are my tips. Like I mentioned, this isn't a strict list; do with it what you will! I just hope you become the best you can be. We're on this journey together!

Want to add to this list? I'm always down to chat and collaborate! Leave a comment below!

Until next time,
Onward and Upward!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

15 Things To Do During Your Me Time This V-Day

 Happy Valentine's Day, ya lovebirds! I feel like V-Day is easily becoming one of my favorite days of the year. It's a day to appreciate your loved ones and to take today to appreciate YOURSELF! I love that Valentine's Day is now a time for self-love and positivity.This year, I have the night all to myself since I did my festivities in the afternoon! I thought, what can I do for the remainder of the night? I figured I'd slap together some things that would be fun to do to do for/by yourself this Valentine's Day! At least things I'll be doing ;)

  • Splurge on something you've been eyeing for awhile! Maybe a dress?

  • Cut your hair/dye it a festive color. May I recommend lavander, silver or pink

  • Watch 50 First Dates, Forrest Gump, A Walk To Remember, The Wedding Singer, 13 Going On 30, Can't Buy Me Love, and I could go on. Doesn't have to be in that order particularly.

  • Make Gooey Brownies with tons of icing, or my personal fav, Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Marshmallows! Melting Chocolate, a tablespoon of Coconut Oil, Marshmallows, Strawberries and you're good to go!

  • Buy some balloons for yourself at the dollar store fo' yo' self. Not speaking from personal experience or anything.

  • Get some sushi. The specialty rolls. Cause treat. yo. self.

  • Get your nails done, get a massage or both!

  • Hit the beach (or any pretty place) to catch the sunset! Beaches are empty in the winter and have gorgeous sunsets!

  • Learn to make a new fun alchoholic beverage or try a new wine!

  • Do a random act of kindness for someone else! A pay it forward at Starbucks, Write a nice valentine for a neighbor, or simply pay someone a compliment!

  • Buy yourself flowers!

  • Create a time capsule for yourself! Write a letter of all the all the things you love about yourself and in "X" amount of years, open it! Include a bottle of wine along with something you'll cherish years from now! Additionally, put in a photo of you now along with a letter to your future self describing how you hope to be.

  • Read that book you've been meaning to read in a nice bath!

  • Call your Mom, Dad, whoever might appreciate a phone call on V-Day!

  • Make a friends appreciation post!
These are just some ideas I thought are great for V-Day. At the end of the day do what makes YOU happy! I'm a super cheese-ball so they're my idea of a good time. But no matter what, keep your heart filled with love!

Onwards and Upwards,
Thursday, February 1, 2018

12 Things No One Tells You After Your First Car Accident

The morning starts like any other. I got ready rushing to get out the door to start my day. Get dressed, brush my teeth, listen to The Greatest Showman soundtrack. I walk out to the car thinking about how much I hated those two dents in my front bumper from a tiny mishap years ago. "How much would it be to get that repaired?"

The time is ticking to get where I need to be. I start driving and trivial thoughts begin to take over my mind. It snowed a few days ago. "Is there any more in the forecast? I should probably check." I turn onto the same road I take every day to get where I need to be. The road's still pretty icy from the storm. "I guess the salt trucks forgot this road existed." I drive just around the bend I've driven through a hundred times. But this time it's different. Very different. 

I lose a little bit of control and quickly try to gain it back. Turning the wheel in another direction, I pray it does something. Soon after uncontrollably sliding into the opposite lane,  I notice another car approaching. At this moment, everything becomes a blur. All you can do is brace for impact and hope for the best. A few seconds (that feels like an eternity) later, you're able to gain back control and pull off to the side.

You get out and inspect the damage while the person yelling in anger and frustration behind you muffles and you can only think, why is this happening to ME? It's always someone else but now it's me? You soak in the fact that what just happened is the inevitable reality and you just want it to be over.

People will tell you all the time about what to do after an accident regarding the practical side of dealing with police, insurance, and the whole 9 yards. What no one told me was what it can do to you mentally. Here are some things I learned after my first car accident.

1. Pretty much everything you've been taught about accident etiquette leaves your head.

This can easily vary depending on the person you are. But when you drive past accidents and think to yourself, "Here's how I'll do it." Odds are it'll be the opposite. Everything you've planned in case of an emergency goes out the window.
Sidenote: I called my boyfriend when it happened and when he came to the scene, he had a pre-typed checklist of everything that should be done after an accident. This came in handy in making sure we didn't forget anything. I highly recommend making one of these in case you're ever caught in this situation.

2. You'll want to say you're sorry till you're blue in the face.

If you're anything like me, you apologize for just about anything and everything. It says in bold on insurance cards to never admit fault. Because of this, you may feel torn.
Lifehack: A better way to apologize in a way that's appropriate for this situation is saying "Are you okay? Is there anything I can help you with?" You might get a snarky comment here but it's the thought that counts, right?

3. Waiting for help to arrive will be awkward.

Waiting 15 minutes or more for a police officer to arrive at the scene with the person you just severely inconvenienced will probably be in the top ten most uncomfortable experiences of your entire life. It will feel like a year. This is a good time to call people who can come to help you. Oh, and the person you just realized you were supposed to meet up with. They're probably just as confused as you are.

4. You'll realize all the equipment you've had in your car forever actually does come in handy.

You'll also discover emergency equipment in your car you didn't even know you had. Don't feel stupid. You're learning a lot right now and let the people you called help you out.

5. You'll be surprised how many people nearly get in the same accident you were in by staring at your accident.

People don't care. They'll stare and nearly repeat your mistake. It's human nature.

6. You're going to understand every single person who drives like an old lady on a Sunday morning.

You'll most likely be going under the speed limit for quite some time. Possibly for the first time.

7. Don't take family for granted.

After you arrive back home, you're going to remember how grateful you are for your family and remind yourself you should never take them for granted.

8. You won't want to be alone.

Some people may be able to bounce back right after an accident. However, there's mental trauma tied in with a car accident. It's a fact of life but that doesn't make it any less scary. I spent the afternoon after with my family. You'll want to distract your mind as much as possible.

9. After everything's said and done, you realize you're going to have to eventually drive again.

This could be a few days later, or right after it happens. You're going to feel like you've had your license revoked and you shouldn't be allowed to drive again.

10. When you drive again, it's okay to feel scared.

I got back on the road that night to head to my job a half hour away, and it's natural to feel scared like you can't do it. You will be oversensitive driving over potholes, having to make unexpected turns, but the best thing to do is just breathe, listen to your favorite music and it'll be over before you know it.

11. The accident will play over and over again in your head.

You won't be able to stop thinking about it and all of the what-ifs. In these moments, try to remember that it's in the past now and there's nothing you can do to fix it. The best thing you can do for yourself is to focus on the present and the future. If you have to pay for damages, set goals about how you'll be paying for it.

12. As long as you're not hurt, everything is okay.

In the end, the financial burden, the stress and trauma of it all will eventually fade away. All that matters is that you and the other people involved are okay.

That's the list. Hopefully, this can come in handy for you. BUT hopefully, it doesn't have to. And remember just a disclaimer, this is not legal advice! Take everything said here with a grain of salt :-)

Accidents are scary life lessons to be grateful for what you have. They're not fun but you know more now as an adult! We're lucky to be able to learn from our experiences.

Until next time, 
Onward and Upward!