Affordable Plus Size Easter Lookbook!

Easter is right around the corner! I think of it as a debut of some of your best LOOKS for Spring so I live for it every year. My family never really does much so it's mostly for myself... and the gram. Being plus size, it's not always easy finding cute stuff for spring and summer, but I found some great looks perfect for Easter and the beginning of Spring! I look for rosy pastels and fun bright colors in the warmer months because that's how I'm feelin'! Without further ado, here are some of my favorite looks that I found!


Source: Charlotte Russe

A PERFECT color for Easter! And there's something whimsical about this dress that made it catch my eye. Usually, I'm not about the frillies on the bottom. But this dress is definitely an exception! I love its youthful feel and fun color. Pair with a Gold/Contrast (a light blue perhaps?) necklace and a classic pair of booties (like ones below in accessories) and you're good to go!

Source: Charlotte Russe

Note: This was definitely up on their site a few days before I got around to writing this, but I think it ran out of stock because I cannot find it for the life of me! However, I managed to find the smaller size of it and they go up to an XL. I will update if they restock.

You know those dresses you take one look at and NEED? Yeahhh, this one's a need for me. I've been obsessed with wrap dresses lately and this one stole my heart with the Navy/Pink contrast. Perfectly paired with a pair of nude sandals/heels and classic studs or earrings.

Source: Charlotte Russe

Two things I don't usually incorporate much into my wardrobe: Stripes & Halter Dresses. This dress pleasantly surprised me! I'm a sucker for sage and pink together, so maybe that's why I'm so fond. This is great as an Easter dress and I'd say it's more than suitable to wear for wedding season!

Source: Charlotte Russe

I love styles that accent a curvy figure nicely! This dress does just that. It cinches at the waist and flows top to bottom. I've been wanting to snatch up every Chiffon dress I can get my hands on lately because it really flows and great for my girly days when I want to dress up.

Source: Torrid

A bit on the pricier side, but I love love LOVE this dress. Sometimes you deserve a little splurge! With a pair of grey suede heels, you'll be rockin' the Easter Egg hunt and everyone asking where you scored such a find.

Source: Old Navy

Just because, what's Spring without a White dress? Easter is our initial welcome into Spring and we should welcome it right back! The delicate floral embroidery on the neckline and shoulders give it a graceful vibe and make this perfect for just about any function. I love that you can dress this look up or down to your liking!

Shoes & Accessories

Source: Forever 21

Great for outdoor festivities if it's warm where you are. The canvas gives it a nice earthy, "ready-for-warm-weather" vibe. Top it off with a spring pedi!

Source: Payless

A great alternative if you're toughing out the cold this Easter. And bonus, you can incorporate these into your everyday wardrobe, too! You can dress these up or down.
Source: H&M

Because what's an Easter outfit without a cute pair of sunnies? A pair of Rose Gold/Pink sunnies at that. I need these in my life ASAP.
Source: H&M

My fascination with watches (and all jewelry for that matter) didn't truly begin until I worked at my local T.J. Maxx a few years back. I would cover occasionally behind the jewelry counter and I didn't realize how much jewelry can change an outfit around! With some core pieces of jewelry, it can bring your outfit to the next level! This watch is the perfect example of a core piece. I condone this investment!
Source: H&M

You need something to hold your Cadbury Eggs and Marshmallow Peeps! Yeah, I said Marshmallow Peeps. Don't be a hater. This bag perfect for walking around and not having to hold it in your hand, like you would a clutch.
Source: H&M

Here's a cute price-alternative bag to consider as well. I love this one, too! The beige compliments the springy colors you'll already be wearing.

Source: Old Navy

Add this to a simple dress to turn it into a statement! Necklaces are definitely something I'm trying to familiarize myself more without looking like a sixth grader after a Claire's haul. (Wow, remember Claire's?) But I do love this one.
Source: Old Navy

Last but certainly not least, what's a look without classic earrings? I need to get my ears re-pierced since I've let them close for the zillionth time. I miss wearing earrings like these!

And that just about does it! I really hope these provided you with some inspiration. Share pics of your Easter outfit with me down in the comments! I truly love seeing what you come up with!

Until next time,

Onward and Upward!

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