Packing for Disney: What's in my Bag? | The Basics

Hey there! Today I'm in some serious post-Disney depression. Which is totally a thing. Don't you judge me. I'm already planning my potential next trip! But this is what I'm doing in the meantime. We're going to talk about some of the essentials I made sure to pack this trip. I've been on some pretty intense Disney adventures! I'm talking waking up for early entry, no stops unless absolutely necessary until every ride has been ridden! It can be taxing, but with these items, it'll help you have an even more magical day! Let's get this party started.


Granola Bars

 These next few items are going to be food themed. Only because I think this is super important! Especially if you're doing early entry. It's great to keep these items in the room to keep in your bag in case the day gets long and you don't have a breakfast reservation! And when doing Early Entry, most quick-service locations are not yet open. Just keep that in mind. Granola bars are great for on-the-go and loved by all ages!

Trail Mix

When I bought Trail Mix, I thought this would complement the Granola Bars perfectly as a nice mid-morning snack. I bought these just for the M&Ms. They're protein filled and delicious! Just remember not to make my mistake. BRING ZIPLOC BAGS! I was a doofus and lugged this whole thing from New York to Florida and back for nothing. Ugh. Bring something to carry it in, eat it in the room, or buy travel size portions.


These were a life-saver when it came to mid-afternoon! Protein pack and perfect for carrying in your bag. I had a bunch left over after we got back, so now I hide them at work if I need some protein to hold me over to my next meal!

Chewing Gum

Now get ready 'cause this one's pretty important if you're a habitual gum chewer! Bring! Gum! It's always a good idea to pack for the plane if your ears pop, but something not many know is that you cannot buy gum in any Disney park. They do this in order to keep gum off the ground so run somewhere before your trip! And side note: If you're using a fabric backpack, don't go on Splash Mountain or any water rides (or torrential downpours) before putting this aside somewhere safe! Should be a no-brainer, but this girl totally destroyed her pack of gum after running back to the Beach Club in a thunderstorm!

Coloring Books!

Yes. Because why should only kids get to color on the plane? Color to your hearts content using an ~adult~ coloring book so no one looks at you funny. Or, if you're feeling no shame, bring some free Disney printables and go to town! You're going to the happiest place on Earth. Who cares?!

Magazines and Books

Some literature is important. If you're like me, you'll forget to save any Netflix shows and be stuck bored for a majority of your flight. Why not pick up those dusty magazine subs that have been piling up? Also great if you plan on lounging by the pool!


Usually on the top of everyone's carry-on list. Bring your headphones! Remember if you have an iPhone that is a bit newer, you may need an earbud adapter! These are my work ones and get awesome sound, so I accommodated. Amazon has a cool one that will let you listen to music and charge your phone at the same time!


Can't forget these bad boys. In the parks, you'll be in the sun. Like, a lot. But don't bring your $100 RayBans, okay?! Remember that sunglasses are probably the #1 thing that gets lost in the park. Matter of fact, I lost these exact ones (my fave pair) on "it's a small world." Also, a word of caution, don't have these laying out on your lap on water rides. You probably WILL knock them into the water. Totally not speaking from experience, or anything.

Phone & Charger!

This is SOOOOOOOOOOOO IMPORTANT! I think we definitely look over our phones and chargers in the way that they're such a given essential to bring that we leave it off of our lists and end up leaving it somewhere! I know I do it every so often in the day-to-day, so I'm extra paranoid when I travel. Double triple check for these before you leave!

ALL the Disney Tees!

I had to throw in a fun one amongst the essentials. Of course, you need these! Is it really a Disney vacay if you don't have shirts to match? In a way, this IS essential!


This puppy is quite literally your key to the kingdom! Your Magicband is your room key, your ticket, your credit card, and even your Magic Express pass! It's pretty nifty. I wish I could wear a Magicbands in real life, too. So don't forget yours at home! It's not a convenient process to get it all replaced! Also get a decal for a little extra magic. I love this one. It's from Etsy and I got it for around $8! It's my new go-to Magicband!

Refillable Water Bottle

Another super-important one! No one wants to spend $3 on the little water bottles they sell in the park. It adds up super quick. Get yourself one of these! I got this water canteen from TJ Maxx a bit over a year ago and it's tried and true! They sell these on Amazon too. I like the big one to get as much water intake as possible, but I've seen smaller are more transportable ones, also. I'm a bit of a water snob meaning I don't drink it unless it's ice-cold! This works great for me because it keeps my water cool all day long and much better than carrying a room temp water bottle!

Hope this helped, and enjoy your Disney vacay!

Onward and Upward,


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