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Hi again! I hope you had an awesome weekend. I for one have had one of the best weekends of ALL weekends. I get to get some errands done, had time to relax, and try new things. More specifically, we tried a restaurant crawl for the first time ever! Crawls have been gaining extreme popularity and now I see the hype! The crawl consisted of 12 different restaurants that featured "hot history" and hot drinks, light snacks, and a free tote.

Also, for the 'hot history,' each station at the different restaurants was accompanied by a photo of what used to stand around the specific place back in the day that you had you figure out. If you answered them all correctly, you were entered into a raffle for a prize worth around $200! For $20 a person, I'd say it's an awesome deal!

It was a last minute impulse from seeing it on an Instagram story. I'm so happy we did it! My boyfriend Mike accompanied me as my foodie partner. We got to try a lot of new things and may have even found some favorite places we'll have to go back to. Here's what we found!

P.S. Instagrams for all of the restaurants are attached in their names.

Slurp Ramen

We started at Slurp Ramen. Mike's only request was that we started here! This is his favorite place to eat in Port Jeff. And understandably so, since they have some pretty kickass Ramen. We went and were given a Matcha Latte and Edamame! I'm not the biggest fan of Matcha, so I gave mine to Mike, but I did keep the Pocky stick ;) THAT was good. (I'm so American. Lawd, help me.)

Harbor Grill Restaurant (Previously Shafers)

Next up was Harbor Grill. We thought we hadn't heard of here before until we realized it is the same location as Shafers. Guessing they had a name change for one reason or another, but we were happy we got to try them out since we've never been! They served a buttered rum and sugar cookies.

The Steam Room

Fun fact: I worked at the Steam Room briefly when I was 18/19. And by briefly, I mean literally two days. It's an odd blip in my memory, but it's one I look back on and laugh. I hope they do too! Lol. I've always loved their food, so I was excited to see what they would offer for this. Along with a very interesting history tidbit/question, they gave out their signature clam strips and hot cider.

Roger's Frigate

Next up was the Frigate! If you have ever been in the village, you'll know exactly where it is because of the big ice cream cone on the storefront. 

Out of all of the restaurants, I'd say that the Frigate gave us the best value! As it was Saturday, it was crowded already with just normal customers. With the addition of the crawl, it was a bit crazy. But they made up for it! They let us get almost anything from the premium pastry case, which I thought was awesome. They even packaged it to-go so I could have it later that evening. What I got (a large cupcake) probably would have cost roughly $3/$4. To get this plus a hot drink included was a great deal alone.

Sorry, it looks wonky - I stuck it in my bag and it ended up getting flattened on top!

Tommy's Place

I have heard so much about Tommy's Place through the years but have never been inside! Here, we found our favorite sort of comfort food across the crawl. They had Mac & Cheese bites that tasted AMAZING. Additionally, Mike tried the hot spiked cider they were offering. After having a few hot drinks back to back, I was taking a break. But I tried some of Mike's and NEEDED my own! I don't know how they made it, but I drank it probably WAY faster than I should have! I hope they have that on the menu so I can order it again -- cause I will DEFINITELY be back!

Fifth Season

I couldn't even grab a photo of what the Fifth Season offered because it was gone in 2 seconds. Lol! The food here was so high quality, and you can easily tell that they take great pride in their cuisine. They love to experiment with different contrasting flavors! They had a sweet potato-goat cheese pastry and an out of this world Horchata that could also be a Rum Chata. The real deal! I had a great conversation with the chef hearing how they make it.


Local's is one of Port Jeff's newer eateries, which I actually thought was a coffee house all this time. Now, they do have coffee and they specialize in it, but they have so much more. They offered a delicious Chicken Tikka Masala in Pita/Naan pocket and their signature coffee. It was so cozy in here and a great place to people watch!

East Main & Main

East Main & Main is how I heard about this whole crawl! I heard through their Instagram. I follow them since they're always posting amazing looking specialty donuts, cakes, etc. So happy we got to stop in and taste what they had to offer!

Pasta Pasta

I have so much extended family who live out-of-state who rave about Pasta Pasta to their friends at home. They always stop here when they come to visit! I've never gotten the opportunity to dine there, but I see what all the hype is about now. This pasta was out of this world! So creamy, rich and decadent. Also to mention, the man who was providing the pasta, who I believe was the owner or manager, was so friendly and knowledgeable about Port Jeff's history. He was telling us stories of the department store named Oettinger's that was located right near where Pasta Pasta now stands. Such an awesome experience! 


I knew that I would like Nantucket's since I've always wanted to go there! The food should have been just as enviable as the place. Here, they offered beignets and hot chocolate. Sorry, forgot to grab a photo!


It was cool to see the Port Jeff Starbucks get in on the fun as well! They gave out cake pops and their signature "Love Potion #9," which was completely original to the store, according to the barista. Unfortunately, we were the last people to come in from the crawl at Starbucks, so they had already run out of some of the ingredients used to make it. Always fun to get a free cake pop, though!

C'est Cheese

Lastly, we hit C'est Cheese! We went last year for Valentine's Day and that was wonderful. The staff was so courteous and we discovered that in the back of the restaurant, there is an extended brewery attached! We hung out there after the crawl was over and even met some awesome people who did the crawl also!


Overall, this was SUCH a fun experience. The one thing I took away from this at the end of the day is to not overlook community events like these! I'm so happy I didn't overlook this awesome day! I will definitely start looking out for more community events. I'll definitely document them more as well! Any events on Long Island throughout the year that you love? Let me know in the comments! I would love to check them out.

Until next time,

Onward & Upward!


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