Hacks to Stay Awake & Energized This Daylight Savings

Did you cringe because of this title and click the post begrudgingly? Don't worry -- 'cause I get it. I love springing forward because the days get longer and the sun sets later, but then on the other hand, you feel run down until you get used to losing that hour and having a longer day. Sure, it's only an hour a day, but it's something that obviously keeps happening. Therefore, you can think of it as a minor lifestyle adjustment.
For someone like me who is the opposite of a morning person, this isn't something we look forward to. So using my research skills and general knowledge, here are some tips to use the morning after Spring Ahead hits to help you make it through the day.

1. The obvious, GET TO BED!

This one should be pretty apparent. Clocks move back at 2 AM ET, which means you'll already (or should be) asleep when it happens. The number one way to prevent the fatigue is to kill the problem at the source and get at least 8-9 hours of sleep! If you have problems falling asleep but don't like resorting to heavy meds that leave you drowsy, opt for a natural supplement like Melatonin or Magnesium. Both help to make you tired without the drowsiness.

2. This tip can go a healthy route... or an unhealthy route. I'm not going to tell you which to choose.

Healthy tip: Invest in a stainless steel water bottle (I use mine religiously, yes I seriously do) and fill it with ice water. When you wake up in the morning, drink as much as you can! Preferably anywhere from 16-20 oz. Drinking cold water in the morning for your organs is the equivalent of splashing cold water on your face. It wakes you up and cleanses toxins, giving you a fresh start for the day! Plus, this supposedly boosts your metabolism also. I'd call that a bonus

Unhealthy (maybe more effective, depending on you) tip: Did you know there's a size at Starbucks called a Trenta? It's true. It's almost the double size of a venti. Bank your free drink points and splurge on one of these in the morning with maybe an extra shot of espresso and nurse that throughout the day. That'll do it. ;)

3. Your mom wasn't lying -- Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

I'm notorious for skipping breakfast completely most days during the week when I feel as though I can't be bothered. BUT science says that it is actually a great thing to start your day off right by dragging yourself to the stove and cookin' up something. Maybe not a short stack of pancakes, but something rich in antioxidants and with lots of protein! Although I say I can't be bothered with breakfast, which is still true, I do still make an effort in the morning to eat something of value instead of grabbing something easier and convenient. A good place to start is eggs! Eggs are a fantastic source of protein and should not be slept on! Enhance these benefits by frying your eggs in coconut oil. Coconut oil contains triglycerides. To break that down into English terms for you, Triglycerides are a super-fast acting energy source that your body can use even quicker than coffee if you can believe that!

4. Let the light in!

If you own blackout curtains, these may be hurting you more than they help you! For people who work at night and sleep during the day, these can be great. But if your goal is to wake up at a decent time, these curtains aren't doing you any favors. Our bodies are already conditioned to wake up with the sun. If you've ever been camping, you already know that when in the outdoors, you fall asleep earlier and you wake up with the sun. It's ingrained within us! If your goal is to feel more awake, get in tune this way and don't block sunlight from where you sleep. Plus, natural light makes any space more open!

Be your own personal assistant the night before you start the day.

FACT: Decision Fatigue is a REAL THING. A few years ago, a study was literally conducted on the subject. The analyzers studied a judge for one whole day to see how decisions wore down over the course of a day from having to make too many. As time went on, the criminals but forth in front of the judge got harsher and harsher consequences, given the 

I can't tell you the amount of time I've fallen into the trap of scrolling on my phone as soon as I wake up to get my brain working. The problem with it is, it consumes so much time without me even knowing! Of course, we're human. These things happen. We oversleep, get distracted. Lay out outfits & get everything together that you need first to start your day! We owe that to ourselves especially before taking on a busy day. Get all of these petty little decisions out of the way to set yourself up for success the next morning! It'll help you to feel more prepared, but also help you feel better energized and able to make more decisions when the adjustment of gaining an hour starts to hit.

I hope some of these tips help you! It took me a long time to get most of these down, so I'm glad I can tell you what worked best for me.

Until next time,

Onwards & Upwards!


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