What I'm Listening To: Spring 2020

Hi all! While we're all cooped up inside, we're all redicovering new hobbies. Thanks, I guess, COVID? Anywho, I thought I should share mine. Since high school, one of my pastimes has been finding any new music I can. I've saved these playlists for years, and I like to make a new one to go along with each season in life. I love to stumble upon an old one and to relive whatever in my life that I was feeling at that time. It also encourages me to continue to find new music! If you're running out of things to keep yourself busy in quarantine, (Home improvement projects are done, hair colored, bangs cut, whipped coffee made) enjoy these songs that I've curated to reflect how Spring 2020 has felt for me!

Surfaces - Sunday Best

This song is one I found through (duh) TikTok. As will be many of the ones I show you. I love this one because I play it all the time at work, and it really helps me to remember to look at things from the positive side. With such a devastating time in the world going on right now, it's important to remember the things we are blessed with in life!

JAWNY - Honeypie

Another TikTok song! Are we suprised? As the app progresses, I find that it really is a great source to find some great new music. That is if you don't mind liking "mainstream, ~viral~ songs." Bleh. I can't stand that mindset. Good music is good music! This one is a short feel-good bop that I would love to blast on my way to the beach this summer. Let's hope that's a feasible reality.

Tyler The Creator - EARFQUAKE

This one is a few years old now, but it's one of those classics that I simply cannot get out of my head. I went through a brief Tyler The Creator phase circa 2016 and came to the conclusion that a lot of his songs are angry sounding... It's not a bad thing, just not always the vibe. GREAT for working out, though. This song is different from the rest, sounding more mellow and "springy." P.S. The bass hits different when wearing headphones. 10/10.

BENEE ft. Gus Dapperton - Supalonely

TikTok alert! First off, I would like to personally apologize to BENEE for pronouncing her name on air in every feasible way, but the right way. At first, I thought it was pronounced like Renee - I was wrongly mistaken. Pronounced like Benny. ANYWAY, another bop brought to you by TikTok, the hook is irresistible, it's the only TikTok dance I know how to do along with Doja Cat's Say So. Super fun and it's easy listening -- perfect good vibes to get you through any at-home workday. (What's that like? Days at the studio have only gotten longer for this gal.)

Last Hurrah - Vetiver

This one starts to slow down the pace a bit, ideal for picnicking in an empty flower field, cause social distancing. And aesthetic. Funny enough, I found this through a great show that my boyfriend Mike put (forced) me onto. ;) Bojack Horseman! An existential Drama-Comedy about a washed-up 90's horse sitcom actor... I was confused too. However, the show touches on a lot of darker subjects. I'd give it a watch! Not sure what struck differently about this one, I found it closer to the end of the show, but I really took a liking to it. Very mellow and spacey sounding.

White Gloves - Khruangbin

Don't ask me to pronounce this artist's name. Honestly, I just tried to think about where I first heard this song -- and I really can't recall! All I know is as I'm writing this, I'm listening to the songs as I go; I heard this one and I said to myself "Ooh, this is a good one." The energy of the song makes me want to watch a sunset in SoCal. Or anywhere for that matter. Stay home y'all so I can do that at some point this summer.

Parade - Kevin Morby

Another song from Bojack Horseman! The show has a lot of musical gems on it, that's for sure. It's downtempo, maybe not the most uplifting song of them all, (lyrics are pretty dreary) but I feel the music more on this one.

Glitter - BENEE

Look out for this girl! Every song that surfaces from her is an instant hit. Her music is easy to like and will be a classic for any Summer kickback you plan to have... Corona is getting in the way of a lot this Summer. Oye.

Can I Call You Tonight? - Dayglow

This song reminds me of those coming of age classic, where the shy kid finally goes after the girl of his dreams and they share a loving embrace after he realizes she likes him just as much. I watch a lot of Rom Coms, okay? I could list all the ones you should watch -- but another blog for another day. Yet another TikTok song that tugs at my heartstrings. This app has me like putty in their hands.

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Goodie Bag - Still Woozy

It's funny that this one comes in so far down in my playlist because I've actually listened to Still Woozy for a long time. They would always come up in random algorithms of songs I might like until I finally realized that the songs I like but never pay too much attention to (because I'm too busy vibing to) come from the same great artist! Such easy listening and I'd recommend any song from this artist to anyone.

See also: Habit

Heartbreak Weather - Niall Horan

Because.... COME ON, WE NEED TO RESPECT THE KING. This guy has made me sooooo proud, exceling in his solo endeavors. I loved his last album, Flicker, and I had high hopes when he announced this album. All the songs, but the title track is unbeatable. Maybe I'm biased... ;)

See also: Small Talk

Time Alone With You - Jacob Collier ft. Daniel Cesar

Found Jacob Collier for his AMAZING tight harmonies, stayed for the Daniel Cesar collab. You really can't go wrong with a Daniel Cesar song, so I knew off the bat I'd like this one. It has stayed true so far.

Caution - The Killers

SERIOUS Perks of Being a Wallflower vibes being served here. Like, end of the movie, when Charlie is popping his head out of the sunroof and loving life. Ultimate goals. Plus, you can never go wrong with the Killers. Absolute kings.

Cringe - Matt Maeson

It's huge in Alternative right now and this is another catchy hook. Not droney sounding like some new Alt songs can, it has a beat and this guy has an amazing voice.

B├śRNS - Electric Love

I had to google that special character for this artist, and I certainly don't mind it. The song was released in 2014, and I want to say Degrassi used it at one point or another? Or if they didn't, they totally should've. Such a happy song with the best vibes, because that's what we are trying to get after in Spring 2020. And yes, ANOTHER TIKTOK SONG.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my season of music! What can't you stop listening to right now? I'm already looking for suggestions for Summer 2020! Leave a comment down below.

Onward and Upward!


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