Itinerary for day in Port Jefferson, NY

One of the best things I love about living on Long Island is even if I didn't live here, I'd find excuses to visit all the time. Whether you're from Connecticut looking for a fun day trip or NYC looking for a getaway weekend, or anywhere else for that matter, there's usually always something new to discover. 

This week I spent time in one of my prime hangout spots growing up, Port Jefferson Village. When COVID doesn't exist, the streets are typically flooded with people for different kinds of festivals, picnics, or unique nightlife. Though we went in the offseason and during COVID, there were still many lower-scale things to do to make our morning visit worth our while.

First stop:

Locals Coffee

Nestled on the corner of Main Street, you'll find a quaint coffee shop entranced with viny greenery and silhouetted paintings on white walls. The energy is always welcoming and this is always a great stop for any time of day. They don't only offer many types of coffee, but you can also score some quick bites here as well. This is a popular hangout spot for locals, I guess hence the title -- and you may even see a friendly pup or two greeting you from one of the tables!

Second stop:

Port Jeff Farmers Market

This market is a long time favorite that I've been attending whenever I can. Typically it is outdoors during the summer but being that we went on a brisk day, lower than 30 degrees to be exact, the market is brought inside due to the colder weather. Several vendors showed up showcasing artisanal bread & pastry, farm-fresh produce, and more inside The Shipyard building in Harborfront Park. We made our stay short in order to social distance, but we couldn't help indulging in some pretzels before we left. This market becomes more expansive in the summer months with double the vendors. Typically, it fills Harborfront Park with treasure hunters and Long Island vendors exhibiting their craft.

Third stop:

WILD Plant Shop

What started as an Instagram find turned into a beautiful experience thanks to this plant shop's wonderful owner, Caitlin Carlstrom. I previously DM'ed her on socials asking if she'd be open during my visit, and she was more than accomodating to being there during a time that worked for me!

After stepping into the breathtaking shop engulfed in all sorts of plants and greenery, I introduced myself and we began to chat about how her small business began. Caitlyn happens to be a landscaper when not tending the shop. She saw a spark of people during quarantine that were becoming "plant people." She wondered if Long Island would react well to a plant store... and thus WILD was born! She spoke about going to school for Horticultural Science, but also Interior Design -- that has helped immensely, surprisingly so in her line of work.

Carlstrom went on to explain that she loves the "plant community" and how something as simple as tending to a plant in quarantine could build such a wonderful thing. She spoke about her passion for supporting true small businesses through her merchandise, as opposed to outsourcing to save on cost. She supplies the macrame she sells from a Port Jefferson artist, insanely cool tiled pots from a friend in Brooklyn, along with many other examples.

We of course snagged some plants for ourselves. I got a snake plant, which is holding up beautifully thanks to the care of a great owner! She was very accomodating to every customer who walked through the door. I will definitely be making this location my one-stop-shop for all of my upcoming plant needs!


Port Jefferson Wings Mural

As I was scrolling through the Port Jeff geotag to potentially uncover several other hidden gems like WILD, I stumbled across a can't-miss Instagrammable spot that's new to the village! Hidden behind Port Jeff staple Salsa Salsa lies this adorable wings mural capturing the essence of the Long Island North Shore! Painted by @karabella on Instagram, this is truly such a fun way to capture your visit when you're down there. The mural was only put up in December of 2020, so as I write this in February or 2021, it's still a new addition. 

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