New To Me: My musical fixations in July 2023

I've always been a new music junkie, but I feel that especially now working in music. I can entirely nerd out and talk music and different artists for HOURS. At any given time, I'll plunge down the rabbit hole, looking for more things to get obsessed over.

I listen for work and I listen for pleasure, luckily I have a heavy love for pop, which makes that part of the job easy. But there are certain genres, songs and artists that I get to keep to myself also because it might not be entirely for mainstream. Until the masses decide it is! But if I do get to play them on the radio, it makes my love even stronger.

Let's kick off strong with an artist who is new to me, and I'm kicking myself for not getting to know her sooner. Actually, as of the week of July 18th, 2023, she has the number one song on TikTok. Her name is Faye Webster.

Cue the geriatric millennial feeling when I saw this song has been around since 2017, and floating around on TikTok since April 2023 or before that. What rock was I living under? Well we're here now. Viral song is below.

I love her alternative and almost country flare here with the steel guitar. She has a vibe she sticks to, but each song sounds unique in how it's composed. I'll leave some standout tracks below.

Hits different from someone who did therapy in a car on Tuesday nights for 2 years (Thanks covid)

I didn't even realize I knew Faye's voice already from this COIN song, a pretty big streamer.

So yeah, this is a pretty brand new obsession/hyper-fixation, whatever ya wanna call it. This is basically just a Faye Webster appreciation post. ANYWAYS......

CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS SONG???? First I thought it was weird but cool. Then I kept hearing the hook on Reels and couldn't get away from it. Now I'm obsessed!

A song from (no surprise) 2015 (thanks doldrums) that has come back in a super big way thanks to a DJ who remixed it and now we are left with a super catchy song from Jain. It's got this 2010's indie-pop feel which I feel was captured so well in the time and hard to duplicate now (think Gotye, Ingrid Michaelson, Florence and the Machine) I'm always pulled in with that catchy chorus! Long may Jain reign and Makeba! (Whatever that means)

Sza doesn't need my introduction. But I'll talk about her anyway I've been fixated on this one for a hot minute too. I'm really happy for all of Sza's success and to see the fruits of her labor on such an awesome album that delivered so many hits. Kill Bill was massive, and Nobody Gets Me definitely got unintentionally overshadowed by Kill Bill so it never truly got a full shot. Snooze is coming right along and I'm excited to see what's next.

This is personally my next favorite off of the album, Travis Scott's collab is perfect. He really adds a lot to the song. While Nobody Gets was fantastic, I feel this COULD do what Nobody Gets SHOULD'VE. And can we hear it for Sza's grandma's motivational words? She's the world's grandma now.

Obligatory mentions

(Myself and many other fans could've told you this would've exploded back in 2019 but glad we're here now)

Props if you made it this far. I could go on but I'd just be rambling. Too many to name! It's been interesting in music seeing a summer of few hits, but definitely gives you appreciation for the hits we have out now, and the unsung (no pun intended) ones of the past too! Let's hope I remember to do this next month too. Till next time!!

Onward & Upward,


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