Musical Fixations: Winter 2024


Time moves fast and so does the music!! About time I rant about some more new findings. :) So far, 2024 has soooo been for the girls. So many women of pop are giving us new music this year, I can hardly wait! Let's start with some leading ladies breaking on in 2024.

Murder On The Dancefloor - Sophie Ellis-Bextor

So amazing this song is getting all the love it deserves (20+ years later!!!!) It's dancey, it's fun, feels like going to the mall after school... very cool moment this one is having thanks to Saltburn.

he loves me, he loves me not  - Jessica Baio

I found this one semi-randomly one day, but it was an easy first listen! I really like the songwriting here and her voice is so pretty. Catchy little hook that gets stuck in your head all day. Something about it! She's fairly new and I'm learning more about her, but loving what I'm finding so far.

On My Mama - Victoria Monet

BEST NEW ARTIST BABYYYYYYYYYYY! So incredibly well deserved; she's worked a long time to get here and it's just the beginning for Victoria Monet. Her story really is inspirational about how her journey has spanned over many years to get where she is now. She recaps it all in her Grammy's acceptance speech and it's really something.

It's a feel good body posi anthem, just an all around confidence anthem. Fun, groovy, amazing.



yes. and? - Ariana Grande

No matter where you may stand on her personal situation, we have to acknowledge if it WEREN'T a thing, I have no doubt this would become another Ariana bonified classic. It's giving No Tears, Thank U Next, Ari even says it follows the same formula. She's been living in the UK and drew a lot of inspiration from the dance music culture there. That, alongside becoming more involved in Broadway again, meaning more time spent in New York. Eternal Sunshine is out March 8, and I'm truly so excited to see what else is in store!

Ontoooooo..... Noah Kahan!

Say it with me now... NOT Ka-han, pronounced Kahn. I started listening to Noah more when Dial Drunk ft/ Post Malone started to gain traction, and so quicky he has become one of my faves. I heard Brittany Broski say in her podcast, "The Broski Report" You're either a Mumford and Sons girl, a Hozier girl, or a Noah Kahn girl. I would like to argue that I am all 3 simultaneously, but I for sure have been giving Noah a little extra love.

Thanks to Olivia Rodrigo, a second life was breathed into Stick Season. Which has definitely become his signature track. The song had a streaming presence of its own before, but I think Olivia Rodrigo's cover on the BBC Live Lounge catapulted this record into its  second success. It integrated Noah's genius songwriting and Olivia's musical style to a new audience. I'm happy people are embracing Noah's version just as much.

He's certainly no stranger to making some pretty killer collabs....

Let's hope there's one in the books with Olivia soon enough!

Home - The Good Neighbours

Not to be confused the The Neighbourhood.... this one is seriously fascinating with a cool story behind it! The Good Neighbors is a BRAND NEW project.... like I'm talking this is their debut single. Started by Oli Fox and Scott Verrill, this project blew up further than I'm sure they could have ever anticipated... Partially due to a viral moment on TikTok, but newfound fans are sticking around for the vibes. The two artists have previously released exclusively solo works. Will be a fun challenge to outdo their debut!

Pink Friday Girls - Nicki Minaj

#JUSTICEFORPINKFRIDAYGIRLS. Not a heavy streamer, but this song just FEELS like hit potential!!! Everybody f/ L.U.V is great too, but I'm hoping something happens here that gets people more familiar with it. Soooo fun.

The Tree - Maren Morris

When words fail, music speaks.

That's all I got for now, friends!! Hope to have more for you soon.

Onwards & Upwards!


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